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We blend legal precision with industry insight, offering a bespoke approach to commercial agreements that goes beyond drafting – we architect success for your business in the dynamic realm of technology.

About Eliga

Eliga’s background is advising on B2B commercial contracts, in the technology space. Small and growing technology companies like yours can often sign contracts with clients or vendors without reading them through and legal review with a law firm can be slow and expensive. We get it. But you’re exposing your business to a lot of risk.

You need a fast-turnaround service to keep the wheels moving, but your budget won’t run to an in-house legal team. That’s where we come in. With over 15 years’ experience gained at the sharp end of commercial-contracts drafting, review and negotiation, we’re agile and cost-effective, and are able step in as an outsourced, in-house provider, supporting you on your commercial contracts.

Working as a boutique consultancy without the complex mechanisms of a law firm, we can push through contracts at a good pace, so you get a continuous revenue stream (Eliga is ‘agile’ backwards). We’ll take away the pressure of reviewing and negotiating contracts from you, so you can focus on simply driving your business forwards.

Eliga’s founder and owner, Dhruve Sennik, comes from an extensive legal career, having largely worked in-house for companies in the technology sector, including working in dynamic spaces such as adtech and martech. By working with Eliga, you’re getting a specialist consultancy that is backed by professional experts with real experience.

We provide personalised solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

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